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2014 Creative WordPress Themes – Premium WP Templates List

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Angle—Flat WordPress Theme

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Built on the latest version of Bootstrap 3, this flat and responsive premium WordPress Theme brings you retina ready display and great font options with Google Font and TypeKit support. No doubt, the product costs you $55, it is also worth mentioning that with the purchase of Angle theme, you can save a significantly large amount of $74. That is, you are being provided with WP Bakery Visual Composer (worth $25); Isotope (worth $25); Revolution Slider (worth $15); and a set of flat icons (worth $9). Even greater amazement comes from the fact that this marvelous web building tool comes with a sticky header option and 10 unique and stylish Homepage styles. In addition, multiple color schemes, unique mouse-hover effects and extraordinary graphics are equally fascinating.

Alamak—One Page Portfolio Theme

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Featuring video, YouTube and slider background on three Homepage styles, Alamak is a unique and very powerful theme of its kind. In the Homepage section, logo of your company, sticky header (with main menu items) and text/description appear on the vivid background. Owing to its high responsiveness, it can be displayed on all the devices with any screen size. The symmetry of elements in the succeeding sections of this neat & clean premium WordPress theme is wonderful, but in some sections, readability of the text is disturbed due to inappropriate color patterns. Another serious deficiency in this, otherwise marvelous, template is that it does not contain a page builder plugin for the creation and customization of new pages.

Valise—Agency / Personal Portfolio Theme

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Valise is only second product from an Exclusive Author who has been member of the Theme Forest for previous 2-3 years. This responsive and retina ready theme is especially meant for creative agencies and freelancers, who want to create a quick and easy online portfolio for themselves to showcase their graphic designs, photographs, illustrations or any other kind of creative work. Here, the free Revolution Slider Plugin saves you an amount of $16. The cross browser compatible Valise contains 10+ pages, 3 Homepage layouts, 15 custom page templates, over 35 useful shortcodes as well as a shortcode builder. For the further facilitation of the client, it also supports localization and has a responsive pricing table. Though the graphics are superb, icons are not as much attractive as they must have been. Furthermore, the author could give extra charm to different sections by giving them rounded corners.

Horizontall—Portfolio Premium WordPress Theme

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If you want to showcase your products in an amazing way, with horizontal navigation, Horizontall is undoubtedly one of the best choices at your disposal. Owing to the compressed styles & scripts, and loading of the images with lazyload, your content will load faster. Though it is somewhat unique and also has a sticky header, horizontal browsing may cause trouble for the users. However, this problem is almost solved as you can also navigate with keyboard or by dragging the sections across with the mouse. A serious inadequacy about the theme is that of the omission of space between the adjoining columns. If there were an adequately wide bar between different sections, it would have enhanced the overall look of the website. In addition, there also lies a problem with the clarity and readability of the text.

LightDose—Flat & Minimal WordPress Theme

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This simple and clean theme has a minimalist design and is available in two layout styles: the first one with a video background slider and the second one with an image background slider. The one page responsive template is provided with a sticky header which contains 8 different main menu items and a logo to the left. The graphics and images with expressive animation and mouse-hover effects are just amazing. On the other hand, you can easily find certain deficiencies in it, for example, you are not being facilitated with a visual page builder plugin and it will be difficult for you to generate and modify new pages. However, you can utilize the available features for the development of a quality website related to multiple niches. The lightness and search engine optimization of the theme will contribute to the success and popularity of your project over the World Wide Web.

Fiona—Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

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Fiona is the eighth product from an exclusive author who has sold products, through the Theme Forest platform, worth over 50,000 dollars. One thing could be troublesome for the clients that this premium WordPress theme may take some time in its loading over the low bandwidth internet connections. However, once it is fully loaded, you will get fascinated with its extraordinary charm. It has a simple, clean and minimal design with superior quality graphics. This flat and modern WP template will best fulfill all the requirements of those who aim at launching their personal and business website. It features animated sidebar, touchable JQuery/CSS3 Slider and lots of easy-to-use shortcodes. But, you may get disappointed on the news that, it neither brings you more than one Homepage style, nor does it contain the Visual Page Builder plugin to let you create and customize new pages. The Slide-in Sidebar which slides from the left is supported with a Search Bar, a video playing widget, tags, calendar, and so on.

Warhol—Responsive Portfolio WordPress Theme

Features | Demo

Warhole is a modern, unique, feature-rich and stylish premium WordPress theme with simple but attractive design. It has 4 different custom post types, namely, Projects, Galleries, Services, Testimonials, and as many default post types, viz. Quote, Video, Image and Music. On the top, you will see a Home Post Slider (Custom Scrollbar) with posts of different sizes, where you can view individual images in the form of full-screen slideshow. In addition, you also have three different Homepage layouts, along with a Home Full Screen. The unique thing is that Warhole WP template has two sidebars, with each featuring different useful elements. The smaller sidebar, to the right, contains a search bar button; social media icons; settings button and audio control. The larger sidebar to the left displays logo and different main menu items. The look and appeal of the website would have been further enhanced if the main menu sidebar, to the left, would have been provided with a “slide-in” option, instead of being fixed. In addition, fonts at certain points needed attention for further improvement.

Ebor—Professional Agency WordPress Theme

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Bringing you three unique Homepage styles, two blog post layouts and plenty of features and other elements, Ebor has a neat, clean and minimalist design. Two of the three Homepage styles of this blog & Portfolio premium WordPress theme are also provided with an advanced version of the Revolution Slider (Save $15). In addition to the built-in multiple pages, you also have an easy-to-use Drag & Drop Page Builder and powerful shortcode generator plugin for the creation of new pages, and featuring them with desired elements. A Contact Form is also at your disposal. On the other hand, some negative aspects of the product are also worth mentioning. Firstly, search bar is given on the extreme top of the page which seems to be the part of the browser, rather than a part of the web template itself. Secondly, neither the designing of the dropdown menu not its color scheme is as much attractive as it needed to be. Thirdly, different sections have not been given titles, and such a condition creates ambiguity about the nature of a particular section. Fourthly, though single pages have been associated with each of the available posts but there have been provided no icons on the images to indicate the availability of such a useful feature. Anyhow, Ebor suits the needs of a simple and neat Blog or Portfolio website with attractive outlook.

Camilla—Horizontal Photography WordPress Theme

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With its modern outlook and attractive minimal design, Camilla boasts of providing you one of the best platforms for the confident presentation of your photography items over the World Wide Web. For the full navigation of its brilliant horizontal canvas, you can use the keyboard arrows and mouse wheel. The full page colorful display, with the semi-transparent sticky header, is further beautified with eye-catching mouse-hover effects. Though the product has been developed with light coding, the pages with superior quality graphics do take some time in their loading over the slow net connections. The pricing tables are not only unique in their design, but also feature a full-width background image. Along with the unique one-page layout and a number of other customized pages, you are also provided with a simple and easy-to-use Aqua Page Builder which helps you create and customize new pages with the desired elements and options. Owing to these powerful and demanding features, the product is selling like hot cakes. However, you can easily observe that the font styles and padding of the dropdown menu is not up to the mark.

Sweet Sunday—Responsive Portfolio WordPress Theme

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The stylish and serene Sweet Sunday premium WordPress template contains a variety of powerful features, such as LayerSlider WP plugin (save $15); 3 predefined theme styles; WooCommerce integration; fully responsive layout; Bootstrap compatibility; and easy-to-use Visual Page Composter. Being a multipurpose web building tool, it has multiple built-in pages which you can use according to the need. Here it is worth mentioning that among the 3 different theme styles, the only difference is that of the color schemes—not a single evidence of uniqueness at all. Secondly, at some places, the mouse-hover effects are not as much charming as one would be expecting. Thirdly, the main menu and logo come with ordinary design and conventional placement, without any innovation to marvel at. Fourthly, the font size at some places is unduly small, thus adversely affecting the readability of the text. But it never means that these minute inadequacies destroy the overall worth of the product—it does offer a lot of user-friendly features which are of immense appeal for the potential buyers.

Metro Vibes—Portfolio WordPress Theme

Features | Demo

Especially developed for a creative agency or a portfolio showcase website, the modern Metro Vibes—a premium WordPress theme—brings you 4 Homepage layouts; multiple built-in pages; and a plenty of useful short codes. The fully responsive design will enable it give the best display on any screen size, whereas the built-in SEO coding will promote the ranking and popularity of your website over the internet. Some of the most appealing aspects of the theme include its simple, neat & clean design and minimalistic outlook. Yet another significant accomplishment comes in the form of a built-in Contact Form module which lets you create as many customized Contact Forms as you want. However, contrary to the expectations of the potential buyers, the 4 Homepage layouts offer difference in only one of the sections. In addition, some of the sections are either utterly devoid of mouse-hover effects or have them with little charm. In short, though certain aspects of the theme seem to be oversimplified, yet it best serves the needs of those who want to launch a portfolio website with neat, clean and minimalist design.


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