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There was a time when humans were scared of distances. It was impossible to get even news about friends and family if you were away. Same was the case with friends and family back home. Gradually means of transportation evolved and man invented a system of post to meet the need of communication. This implies that communication was a primary need of human beings since pre-historic times. For many years this system of post served this need when people used to write letters to the loved ones, living far away from them. Then an era of telegram came which was followed by telephone and lately internet filled that gap.
Internet has totally altered the previous ways of communication and provided newish faster and easier ways of communication with a lot more features and innovations which have made the overall experience better and pleasurable.
Video chatting or conferencing on internet is a perfect example of ease and luxury provided by internet to the general public in literally no cost. There are many softwares available which aid video chatting and conferencing but a name which strikes the mind whenever we talk about video calling on internet is “Skype.”
Skype is world famous software which is popular because of its vast usage and applications in every possible online social media. It has vast applications in mobile phones and on personal computers. With Skype new 2012 version you are able to explore new features in a video chat beside the previous features. It has a more friendly and attractive GUI which gives a more pleasurable feeling. With the help of Skype 2012 you can be in touch of your loved ones whenever you want by calling them, sending texts or making online video conferencing sessions with them.
It has more conferencing features which deliver an exaggerated experience of video conferencing where more than two people can come across and have a session of video conferencing.
Skype is not only attractive for domestic and home usage it has also brought a revolution in the world of business. Those transactions or business deals which previously took months can now be finalized in a little time using the services of Skype which is a lot cheaper as compared to telephone.
The best thing about Skype is voice over IP technology which helps you to voice chat with your friends and others with crystal clear voice quality. Our visitors can download free new version of Skype 2012 from here.

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AVG is a free anti virus software which protects your pc or laptop from harmful spywares and viruses which attack very often in order to disturb the performance of your computer. Download free edition of AVG 2011 antivirus and internet security software for free.

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