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How to Change Background in Photoshop CS5 And CS6

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8 Easy Steps How to Change Background in Photoshop CS5 And CS6:
Photoshop CS5 has made it very simple and easy to change the appearance of your images. You would want to change the photos background for different means. There are several techniques in Photoshop CS5 and CS6 that do the same job but we have decided to bring the easiest steps how to change the image background in Photoshop CS5.

Before we start this tutorial, it is better to know that what we will be having in the end. So today, we are going to change the background of Hitman game wallpaper with very simple clean cutting technique. Unlike those perplexing tutorials where you spend hours to know what has been explained, this Photoshop CS5 tutorial is a shortcut and very easy way which does not need a video or demonstration at all.

Step 1: In the first step, we need the cut the image whose background we want to change. We are going to use “Pen Tool” rather than “Magic Tool” to cut down the image and remove the unwanted background. Although most of users are more comfortable with “Magic Tool” to change the background in Photoshop CS5, by using Magic tool for cutting the edges are not clearly drawn. So the image looks weird and unclear. The best and most suitable tool for cutting the image and changing background is “Pen Tool”. Select “Pen Tool” and then select “Paths Option” from the top.
Step 2: Now zoom in the object to the extent that you think it will make cleaner cutting. In this image, the cutting is performed with 100% zoom in. To zoom in the picture, we need to the shortkey of Ctrl (+). Start clicking on the edges of the object, for making the perfect selection click the edges first and then press Ctrl and move the cursor to create the curves. You can also change the selection by pressing “Ctrl” key and clicking the dots.
Step 3: Now if you have completed the edges selection of object, then right and select “Make Selection”. It will select the object you have cut the edges of. Now copy the object with “Ctrl+C”.
Step 4: Take a new layer with “Ctrl+N” you can keep the size according to your need such as 1280×768 or 1280×1024 etc. After creating new Layer, press “Ctrl+V”, the object will appear in the new layer. By doing this step, we have just pasted the selected image on the new layer.
Step 5: Select “Paint Bucket Tool”, choose black color and fill the background of new layer. From the color box, firstly we should select the color and then click on the image. We have chosen black color because it best suits the object. If you are using some other picture, choose the color according to that picture.
Step 6: Next, we added the new image which we copied from Hitman (the image of snake in this case). As soon as we add the new image in this file, a new layer will be automatically created and it will become the current layer. To make it the new background press current layer and move it downwards at second layer.
Step 7: You will see that the image is changed into the new background.


Step 8: Next select the “Move Tool”, select “Auto Select” from top and move the new background to adjust accordingly.
The new image with new background is ready, you can download on your PC and enjoy.



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